Now you can access your account online

Step 1

Click on this link and it will direct you to a screen the same as this:

Step 2

Click on the ‘Hamburger Icon’ on the top right of your screen (Menu Icon). It is the three red lines stacked together:

Step 3

Click on my account and you will now see a screen as follows:

Step 4

If you are not yet registered, go on and provide your genuine email address under “Register” and click on the “Register” button. An email with an automatically generated password will be forwarded to the email address you provided. Now use your email address and the password that was generated for you to log in (as shown on the picture above). you will then be directed to this screen:

Now you are logged in and you may continue to browse the store site. You may now place orders online as you wish and our team will respond typically within a reasonable time. You can also click on “Our Help Desk” on the main navigation, should you experience any problems while browsing the store site.

Prudence Mbodla